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Our Process

At Ironbranch Design we pride ourselves on communication with our clients from the initial meeting to completion of the project. With a focus on clarity in mind, we have a structured process that we follow for each home project.


Our goal is to partner with you to design and realize the renovation of your dreams. 

First Meeting :

At our initial meeting with a client we begin by discussing the basic scope of the project. Whether it is a kitchen, bath, deck, or complete property rehab, we want to get your ideas and all around picture of the way you see your renovation coming together. Once the initial scope has been determined, we discuss the budget for the project you have in mind. Our experience provides us with a very good understanding of the kind of budgets clients should have based on the scope of their projects.


It is very important to us that it is clear from the beginning what type of budget can be expected for the project. Once we have determined the scope of work, types of finishes and budget, we move to the next step in our process.


At Ironbranch Design we are fortunate to have a team with years of design experience as well as construction experience. We will work with our clients to create a complete plan for their project. Depending on the scope of the project we can provide our clients with design services including working floor plans, 3D renderings,

and assistance selecting items such as finishes, cabinets, fixtures, etc.

The Work Begins:

Once the design, selections and all costs have been finalized, it’s time to start the project! Ironbranch Design handles submitting all necessary documents to obtain permits for your project, when required. 

We understand that unforeseen items sometimes arise resulting in changes to the original plans. We treat all changes as additional work orders. If there is a change to the project during renovations we provide our clients with an additional work order with the cost and clear description of potential changes prior to doing the work. We want to make certain that any changes are clear to both parties and 100% approved before any of the work is done.


Our experienced team will keep you up to speed on your project’s schedule and make sure that any questions or concerns are taken care of right away. At the end of the project, we will walk through the job with you and address any last minute items. Then it’s time to enjoy your new renovation!

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